How to install greenhouse wiggle wire

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How to install greenhouse wiggle wire

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Wiggle wire installation

  1. The plastic wrapping at both ends of the wiggle wire should be complete, and the exposed end clamps should not be installed on the greenhouse.
  2. It is not allowed to cut a complete wiggle wire into several segments for continuous use.
  3. The wiggle wire frequency is completely embedded in the wiggle wire channel and closely cooperates with it.
  4. The wiggle wire connection should ensure at least the overlapping length of two shaped sections, and the overlapping section should have opposite wave directions.
  5. The wiggle wire should not be interrupted at the card slot connection.
    When double-layer wiggle wires are used to fix the plastic film, the two layers of wiggle wires must be installed in different wave directions, and the two layers of wiggle wires cannot be overlapped at the same position.
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