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Indoor Agtech Innovation summit

hot news, industry news 08/11/2021 1,436

Indoor Agtech Innovation summit will held on 29th, June-30th, June

Indoor AgTech is coming to New York’s Times Square in 2023, bringing together the world’s leading growers, retailers, tech providers, seed companies and investors on June 29-30 to meet, expand networks and produce fruitful partnerships.

After a pivotal year for the CEA sector, the summit will explore what’s needed to ensure the indoor farming industry can continue innovating and growing into a crucial part of the global agri-food supply chain.

From multi-acre scale facility design to seed optimization for vertical growing, and from multi-million-dollar funding rounds to the fine margins of running profitable farms, an international speaking faculty will discuss the critical success factors for CEA in today’s economic environment.

Delegates can take advantage of the dedicated meeting platform to meet future investors and business partners in the 1-1 networking room or sit down with a thought-leader at a roundtable break-out to dig deeper into the technologies and business models that are shaping the industry in 2023.

With an exhibition showcasing tech providers’ latest innovations, including climate controls, lighting, vertical farming towers and automation tech, forward thinking growers sharing advances in their growing techniques and expanding CEA to new crops, as well as featuring a menu with fantastic fresh produce from indoor farms. This is a summit focused on the latest learnings from the sector, high-profile networking and deal-making.

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