How to install greenhouse wiggle wire channel

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How to install greenhouse wiggle wire channel

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Technical requirements for wiggle wire channel installation

  1. Wiggle wire channels arranged along the length direction of the components should generally be placed in the middle of the width of their fixed components (excluding gutters). Except for special circumstances such as side pipes, the edge of the slot should not exceed the sliding edge of its fixed components.
  2. The gap between wiggle wire channels should not be greater than 2mm. Greenhouses with high requirements for wind resistance should be connected using shrunken channels or channel connectors.
  3. There should be at least one fixed point within 2cm of the horizontal end of the wiggle wire channel, and at least one fixed point every 100cm in the middle. The fixed points should be evenly arranged and ensure that the wiggle wire channel and structure are firmly connected.
    When installing a wiggle wire channel on a circular tube with a thickness of less than 2mm, special connection fixtures should be used to fix it. The wiggle wire channel should not be directly fixed on the tube with rivets, self tapping self drilling screws, or screw inspection.
  4. When cutting the wiggle wire channel on site, tilting the incision should be avoided, and the verticality deviation of the vertical incision should not exceed 1mm, and the incision should be polished smooth.
  5. An online wiggle wire channel must be installed continuously according to the design and should not be installed intermittently.
  6. The wiggle wire channel at the intersection should not be inclined or overlapped; Do not open on the sidewall of the wiggle wire channel; The joint should be kept flush with the surface.
  7. The installation of wiggle wire channels should be fixed, flat, and free from obvious distortion or looseness.
  8. When there are sealing requirements for wiggle wire channels in the design, the sealing gasket under the wiggle wire channel should be full and continuous, and the fixing points between the wiggle wire channel and the components should be appropriately encrypted.
    When designing the card type to be used as a longitudinal tie rod simultaneously, it is necessary to ensure the reliable connection of each joint of the wiggle wire channel and the firm fixation of the wiggle wire channel with the main structural components

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