How to install greenhouse film correctly

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How to install greenhouse film correctly

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Modern agricultural production cannot do without greenhouse film, which is a reasonable analysis of sunlight to meet the reasonable lighting needs of crops. Therefore, the correct installation of greenhouse film is very important. Therefore, let’s introduce the installation method of greenhouse film.

Installation method of greenhouse film

  1. The greenhouse film must be stored in a shaded and dry place before installation and use, and must not be exposed to sunlight or rain. If installed in winter, it is advisable to place the agricultural film at room temperature (2-3 degrees Celsius) before installation to prevent accelerated aging of the greenhouse film.
  2. In the structure of a greenhouse with plastic film, the main framework of the greenhouse must be hot-dip galvanized, and all connectors and standard components must not use dirty or rusty components. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid using exposed sharp corners to prevent tearing the greenhouse film.
  3. During installation, the agricultural film must be tightened and leveled to avoid affecting its effectiveness. Greenhouse films generally have various functions such as transparency, insulation, anti dripping, and anti dust accumulation. However, if installed improperly, it not only fails to perform its intended function, but also seriously affects its service life. The installation of greenhouse films should pay attention to the front and back sides, and the greenhouse films are generally marked with the front and back sides.
  4. Film should not be installed when the temperature is too high, as the film expands due to heat, and when the temperature decreases, the film will shrink, causing fracture and tearing. Once a rupture occurs, it is advisable to repair it with specialized adhesive tape to avoid affecting the functional effect of the agricultural film.
  5. The greenhouse film shall be laid from the top along the horizontal direction of the shed, and the second layer at the junction of the two layers shall be laminated at least 20 cm below, so that all the greenhouse films are laid, and both ends of the greenhouse film shall be nailed to the wall with wooden battens.

Precautions for installation of greenhouse film

  1. Film installation should be selected in windless weather

Because the film needs to be manually pulled and installed. The width of a large film is generally around nine meters, and its length is several tens of meters. If the wind is too strong, it cannot be pulled by human force.

  1. Thin film installation is generally chosen on a sunny day at noon

Because at noon, the film will heat up and stretch well. When the temperature drops at night, the film will automatically shrink, making the covered film appear particularly flat and bright.

  1. When installing the film, attention must be paid to the front and back sides

Due to the fact that most of the film’s inner side has the function of removing droplets and mist, if installed upside down, it will result in a large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the shed, causing water droplets to flow everywhere inside the shed.

The above is an introduction to the installation methods and precautions for greenhouse film. If you want to learn more agricultural information, please continue to follow the website of Film(Beijing) Greenhouse Technology Co., Ltd. at

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