Greenhouse materials

Electrical roll up

Our company has many years of experience in designing of electrical roll up, and we have used our electrical roll up all over the world. It is generally reflected that the electrical roll up produced by our company are small in size, large torque, Limit switch adjustment is simple, Customer and dealer praise!

Zig zag wire(wiggle wire)

Used to fix the film with profile for greenhouse covering.

Manual roll up

The manual Roll up is a compact, low cost, easy to use roll film facilities.The greenhouse plastic film can be rolled up or lowered at one time.

Film hoop

We can offer you good quality film hoop for greenhouse. The film hoop is used to fasten the film to the rolling pipes,it is made with anti-ageing and anti-UV addictives to resist several high or low temperature. The design of a special angle makes the use very easy and the hoop could be used repeatedly.

Garden cloth/weed cloth

Garden cloth weaving process is good, shading ability, long life, high strength, has been widely used in greenhouse cultivation, open field cultivation and other fields.