Ebb flow bench

The Ebb flow bench is a cultivation bed with a plastic structure on the bench surface, and the bench surface is made of plastic board, which is also called bottom irrigation bench. The Ebb flow bench uses the same columns and supports as the metal structure bench. When irrigating, the Ebb flow bench is filled with water or nutrient solution and allowed to stay for a certain period of time, so that the crop absorbs water by capillary action. Then the irrigation water is draining from the ebb flow bench or Recycling.

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The Ebb flow bench is an advanced irrigation method for potted plant nutrient solution cultivation or bottom feed water involved in container seedling and soil-less culture. The irrigation method utilizes the principle of drop, timing water supply and fertilization. A large number of experiments have shown that the growth of crops using ebb flow bench is significantly better than that of common irrigation, which not only reduces the occurrence of gangrene and fold leave, but also reduces water consumption by 33% and water use efficiency by 40%. Since there is no shower effect in ebb flow irrigation, the nitrogen use can be reduced by 30% to 35%, which greatly improves the utilization efficiency of nitrogen.

The Ebb flow irrigation nutrient solution recycling equipment system is composed of a nutrient solution circulation system, an operation control system, a disinfection system and an aeration device.








Advantages of ebb flow irrigation system:

  1. Ebb flow bench is a mature agricultural irrigation technology, which has been widely used in developed countries, which solves the contradiction between irrigation and oxygen supply, and the irrigation basically does not destroy the “three-phase” composition of the matrix.It isAn efficient and energy-efficient agricultural technology.
  2. High-efficiency water-saving, completely closed system cycle, which can achieve 90% utilization;
  3. The plant grows fast, and the weekly nurseryage can be one day earlier than the traditional nurserymethod to improve the facility utilization rate;
  4. Avoid water film on the plant page, so that the leaves receive more photosynthesis, which causes the transpiration to absorb more nutrients from the roots;
  5. Stabilize the moisture content of the root medium to prevent the capillary root from dying due to drought near the edge and bottom of the container;
  6. Relative humidity is easy to control, keep the page dry, and reduce the amount of chemical drugs used;
  7. No weed growth under thepotto reduce the growth of fungi;
  8. The management cost is reduced. Whether it is manual operation or computer control, one people can complete the irrigation of 0.2~0.5Ha in 20-30 minutes;
  9. Can be used at any time, regardless of variety, specifications, time limit;
  10. The general irrigation method makes each plant absorb fertilizer and water unevenly, which reduces the yield. And the Ebb flow irrigation yield is high, and the production is standardized, and each plant is highly uniform and the quality is guaranteed.

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